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TEFL courses can take you into employment anywhere in the world!
Just take your TEFL Certificate and go to work wherever you want in the world!

Fluent English or minimum B2 Level. APPLY, PAY (NO EXTRA FEES), START WITHIN 24 HOURS!



All employers expect to see some sort of training in your certificate to make sure you can do the job well, so choose TEFL/TESOL with tutor support and teaching practice. It is more expensive but offers you the best opportunity for employment. Ministry of Education requires 120 Hr TEFL.
TEFL/TESOL courses can be studied in two ways. You have the choice of studying the course completely tutor free, perfect for those who have busy lives, or as a combined course with 6-20-hours of teaching practice - for those who wish to gain some hands-on classroom experience.


For your peace of mind, your qualification will be recognized worldwide. TEFL Courses are Internationally Fully Accredited and internationally recognized TEFL / ESL certifications by IOTEFL International Office of TEFL Examinations Regulation.
European Centre for Education ''El Roi''Registration No. BU 25335/2011, Accreditation No. 311221111/09



TEFL/TESOL is an international English teacher qualification certificate, equivalent to China's teacher qualification certificate and is necessary certificate and the "green card" to start working.
What’s more, there’s a huge demand for English teachers worldwide – and all you need is our internationally-recognised qualification to start your adventure and earn money.
TEFL/TESOL teachers are widely welcomed in more than 100 countries and in more than 10,000 English schools and educational institutions.
With TEFL Certificate, you can directly enter the international occupation market. Employment prospects are very broad.


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