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Diploma TEFL/TESOL/TESL 480 Hr Online Course (Tutor Support + Teaching Practice)


1. Submit payment (We fund 80% - 90%. You pay 10%-20% participation fee)
2. Start your online course within 24 hours.
3. Complete the course units and the final lesson plan assignment.

4. Schedule your exam HERE.
5. CONGRATULATIONS! You are a certified English teacher!
6. Receive your hard-copy embossed certificate in the mail.
7. Apply for teaching positions HERE and begin a rewarding career.


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About the Course

120 hour online TEFL/TESOL/TESL training
FREE CTEYL 50 Hrs (Teaching Young Learners) or CTBE
IOTEFL accredited qualification
Internationally recognized certificate
Grammar eBook
Downloadable TEFL course book
Expert job hunting advice
Learn on any device
Flexible study schedule
Personal tutor support
Face-to-face classroom training
Personalized TEFL career advice & feedback

PhD Ivana Igic Obradovic

* Doctor of Education in TESOL Program
* Professor of English language and literature
* Professor of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
* Studied Doctor of Education - English Language Teaching
* Studied Masters of Arts in Teaching - TESOL
* Work experience: 26 years.
* 7 Awards: Teacher of the year 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2011, 2015, 2016.

Contact: +381 61 60 37 299



To enroll in this course you need to have fluent English, a good academic background, usually graduate status, strong study skills and a willingness to learn. You do not require any previous teaching experience as the course covers in detail teaching theory and methodology.


Our brand-new 480-hour Diploma Package is ideal for new teachers looking to get the best possible general foundation for teaching English as a foreign language.

The 220-hour Master Package consists of 3 parts (with or without tutor):

Part 1: 120-hour TEFL/TESOL certification with or without tutor & videos
Part 2: 50-hour Certificate in Teaching Business English (CTBE)
Part 3: 50-hour Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners (CTEYL)

Part 1: 120-hour TEFL/TESOL Certification
Our 120-hour TEFL/TESOL certification course must be taken first as it covers all the basic subjects related to teaching that you will need in the classroom, including teaching theories and methodologies, classroom management, lesson planning and how to test and evaluate your students' progress. The rest of the course focuses on the subject of language awareness, specifically the most important English grammar topics. Which of the two 50-hour courses you would like to continue with next is completely up to you.

Part 2: 50-hour Certificate in Teaching Business English (CTBE)

Teaching business related English is a rapidly expanding area of the TEFL market. Most teachers only possess the basic TEFL/TESOL certificate and lack the necessary know-how when it comes to teaching business professionals. Our 50-hour business English course covers exactly these topics and prepares you for the international business English world.

Part 3: 50-hour Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners (CTEYL)

Young learners form the largest part of the TEFL world with countless English courses specifically targeted at children of all ages from as young as two years old. However, teaching young learners differs a lot from teaching adult students. This course covers these differences and shows you how to adapt your existing skills from part 1 of the course package to address them in the classroom.

At the start of the training, course participants are offered the option of either receiving three individual certificates as they progress through the Master Package course, or a single 220-hour certificate on completion of all course components. Please note that it's not possible to receive both



-Comprehensive course materials. As the materials are all delivered online you can work from home, your local library, a coffee shop, a park or whatever environment feels right. You can even download the course materials on to your computer and work offline.
-Comprehensive ‘back to basics’ grammar guide
-Full support and guidance from our teacher trainers
-EL ROI Certificate in TEFL/TESOL, accredited by IOTEFL
-IOTEFL Certificate in TESOL
-A personal reference for any jobs you apply for in the future

There are approximately 220 hours worth of work in the course and most people complete the course in 4 to 8 weeks, however if you require more time that will not be a problem. If you can commit 4 hours a day to the course you can have it completed in a month.

Best for jobs!
IOTEFL Accredited
Job Support
Personalised tutor support
Downloadable course
Global TEFL certificate
Teaching Practice
Teaching Practice 120 Hrs for best students. The teaching practice is to real students and is held at one of our centers or via online webcam classes.
Interactive learning


Note: contact us before payment to check classroom classes. If we don't have an office in your area, you will get full tutor support online.


We offer a world-renowned TEFL/TESOL certification course that equips you for the professional task of teaching English overseas, or in your home country.

Our tefl certification courses last for four weeks in a variety of exciting sites around the world, and have a very practical emphasis. There is no need to speak any language other than English, as our courses concentrate on training you to teach English with the international standard communicative approach - where English is the only language used in the classroom.

Our TEFL certification courses
Our TEFL certification courses are certainly demanding; however, we do everything within our power to encourage TEFL students to pass the course and to promptly acquire a teaching job abroad.

The course is divided into six main areas:

1 Teaching Practice
This is the most practical and fundamental area of any TEFL training course. During the teaching practice sessions, trainees have the opportunity to teach real students of English and put into practice the skills learnt during the theoretical parts of the course.

2 Foreign Language Experience
During the course, trainees receive instruction in an unknown foreign language to help them reflect on the experience of being a learner. This session is extremely useful in creating empathy between the teacher and student and should help trainees to direct their own teaching.

3 Language Awareness
a) This area focuses on grammar and covers subjects such as parts of speech, the structure of tenses, conditionals and modals and other common grammar points. During these sessions trainees learn about these subjects as well as ways to teach them to their future students in the classroom.

b) This area also looks at the subject of phonology and covers phonemics, word and sentence stress, intonation and connected speech.

4 Student Profile
For this part of the course, each trainee is required to work with an individual student in order to work on things such as rapport building, error analysis, correction techniques and addressing individual student needs. Three meetings with the student are required to complete the profile, after which the trainee completes a one-to-one lesson with their student. The final stage is the completion of a written report regarding the lesson.

5 Teaching Techniques
This component of the course covers areas such as:

Lesson planning
Classroom management
Establishing rapport
Discipline in the classroom
Managing equipment and teaching aids
Creating materials
Correction techniques
Evaluation and testing
Teaching vocabulary
Teaching grammar
Teaching receptive skills (reading and listening)
Teaching productive skills (speaking and writing)
Games in the classroom
Songs in the classroom
Teaching beginner students
Teaching individual students


6 Materials Project
All trainees are required to create their own set of materials to be used during the teaching practice. These materials will be useful in future teaching environments and will help to instill the benefits of creativity and resourcefulness in relation to your lesson planning. The materials should be easily portable, durable and adaptable for different lesson points.

Once you have created your materials project you will present it to a course trainer and demonstrate how it will be used in the classroom. Your trainer will then provide advice and suggestions on how they can be improved and how they could be used in another context.



Additional Payment

Repeted Exam (30 eur)

Certificate hard copy (20 eur + shipping)

IOTEFL (Accreditation Board) Additional Certificate (30 eur - not obligated)

TEFL/TESOL Certificate: Free



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