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List 5 qualities that a ‘good’ teacher should have.
What are some of the major differences you would expect to find between adult and young learners?
Give as many reasons as possible why students are motivated to study English.
Identify the parts of speech in the following sentence: I usually go swimming with my best friend and his rather unusual girlfriend.

Identify the following tenses

I have never met anybody famous.
John is having a shower at the moment.
I go shopping at least twice a week.
I have been working here for 10 years.
Peter went to the cinema yesterday evening.
He had been living there for most of his life.
I was sleeping at 2.00AM.
I am going to the theater later this evening.
They’re going to play basketball on Tuesday afternoon.
The train leaves at 6.00 pm.
At this time tomorrow I will be lying on the beach.
Next year, Paul will have been living in Italy for 3 years.
It will probably rain tomorrow.
You have a great class full of lively students. However, you notice that some students simply refuse to participate. They sit silently throughout the class. Think of reasons why they are not participating, and then outline what you would do to encourage them to participate.
You're teaching an advanced group of students - their English is of a high level. You arrange lots of activities to develop their fluency in English. You don't interrupt the students in the middle of speaking activities to correct them. One student comes to you and says: 'Please teacher when I make a mistake please stop me and correct me'. What do you do?
Do you have any criminal record?
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