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What is TEFL/TESOL ?

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) are two certifications required in order to teach English to students. If you can speak english you can learn how to teach it and turn your english knowledge into cash! To do the TEFL, trainees do not have to have a university degree as this is not a requirement for employment in many parts of the world. Today, TEFL jobs are available all over the world. In fact, language teaching overseas (particularly in Asia) is one area that there are more jobs than teachers.
English language teaching (ELT) is big business especially in Asia. Just like any career, the first step into the TEFL industry is the right qualification. Most well-paying, reputable, schools will only hire teachers who come holding a 120 hour certification, with at least 6 hours of teaching practise built in.Keeping this in mind, it is no wonder that demand for English lessons and capable English teachers has exploded, especially with vast countries such as China opening their doors to the world. Market research analysts have predicted that the ELT market in China will grow steadily at a CAGR of more than 20% by 2020. This market research analysis identifies the increasing number of Chinese students going overseas for higher education as one of the primary growth factors for this market. Universities in countries such as the US, Australia, the UK, and Canada require that applicants pass language tests such as the TOEFL, GRE, and IELTS. Since schools in China do not emphasize much on English language education, the students are compelled to enroll in private English language training institutions. Moreover, MNCs in the country and abroad also require their candidates to have a certain degree of proficiency in the language, which will also induce students to register for English language training programs.


El Roi provides world leading TEFL courses and created the world’s first weekend and online TEFL courses. Established in 1997, we have enabled over 200,000 people to start a new life teaching English overseas.


El Roi TEFL courses are recognised and approved by language school employers worldwide. We’re also accredited by highly-regarded regulatory bodies from around the world. This means our TEFL Certificates are credible and will help tutees find work in 1000s of language schools across the world.

An El Roi course gets our students 100% classroom ready. They will have expert tutor support throughout.



TEFL Courses are Internationally Fully Accredited and internationally recognized TEFL / ESL certifications by IOTEFL International Office of TEFL Examinations Regulation.
European Centre for Education ''El Roi''Registration No. BU 25335/2011, Accreditation No. 311221111/09



Guaranteed Jobs for all graduates

TEFL jobs are available all over the world. In fact, language teaching overseas (particularly in Asia) is one area that there are more jobs than teachers. A job placement is guaranteed for all course graduates who follow our advice. This means that every graduate can start earning as soon as he completes his TEFL course. We can assist our graduates in finding paid job placements online over Skype or in many countries overseas.
English teachers in China can expect to make between 6,000 - 16,000 RMB ($942 - $2,500 USD). Those teaching at an international school, however, can make up to 30,000 RMB ($4,700 USD)

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