TEFL 40 Hr Online Course (1 week Classroom + Online Tutor Support)

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8. Napomena: prvu cenu placaju lica koja nisu dobila stipendiju i lica koja zele privatnog profesora koji ce raditi profesionalno samo sa Vama. (Individual study delivered by PhD Level TEFL/TESOL Professor)

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About the Course


-Comprehensive course materials. As the materials are all delivered online you can work from home, your local library, a coffee shop, a park or whatever environment feels right. You can even download the course materials on to your computer and work offline.
-Comprehensive ‘back to basics’ grammar guide
-Full support and guidance from our teacher trainers
-EL ROI Certificate in TEFL/TESOL, accredited by IOTEFL
-IOTEFL Certificate in TESOL
-A personal reference for any jobs you apply for in the future

There are no set start dates for this course, when you are ready to begin you will be issued with login details and assigned a course tutor. If you like, you could start the course within 2 days from today. Once you have been issued log in details you can then begin working through the modules at your own pace.
There are approximately 40 hours worth of work in the course.

Job Support
Entry level certificate
Great for volunteering
Global TEFL Certificate
Teaching Practice 40 Hrs for best students. The teaching practice is to real students and is held at one of our centers or via online webcam classes.
Interactive Learning
Downloadable course
IOTEFL Accredited


Additional Payment

Repeated Exam (30 eur)

Certificate hard copy (20 eur + shipping)

IOTEFL (Accreditation Board) Additional Certificate (30 eur - not obligated)

TEFL/TESOL Certificate: Free


Note: contact us before payment to check classroom classes. If we don't have an office in your area, you will get full tutor support online.



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