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About the Course

50 Hr CTEYL Certificate in teaching English to young learners
50 Hr CTBE: Certificate in Teaching Business English
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PhD Ivana Igic Obradovic

* Doctor of Education in TESOL Program
* Professor of English language and literature
* Professor of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
* Studied Doctor of Education - English Language Teaching
* Studied Masters of Arts in Teaching - TESOL
* Work experience: 26 years.
* 7 Awards: Teacher of the year 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2011, 2015, 2016.

Contact: +381 61 60 37 299


CTEYL Certificate of Teaching English to Young Learners
Target Group
This course is designed for ESL teachers who wish to be able to teach young learners of English.
It is highly recommended that CTBE students will have completed some form of TEFL certificate training prior to starting this specialist young learners TEFL course.
Participants are not required to have had any formal experience teaching ESL to young learners.

In recent years many employers have been looking for teachers with more specialist teaching skills in addition to standard TEFL/TESOL certificate training. We have realized that a lot of our teachers wish to specialize in teaching different types of students and get paid more to do so. As a result additional online courses were developed that target teachers wishing to teach English either to younger learners or business people.

Both the CTBE & CTEYL courses are available in 20/40/50 Hour courses

Please note that it is not required to have previously completed a TEFL/TESOL certificate, but it is highly recommended to have done so.


Although teaching English to adults is common all over the world, teaching English to young learners makes up a large proportion of the worldwide TEFL industry and is actually one of its fastest growing sectors. This specialized form of teaching requires several different skills and techniques in order to create the environment necessary to deliver an effective teaching program. With this in mind, our CTEYL course has been designed to provide you with these skills, therefore improving your teaching ability and your employment prospects.

When teaching English to adults it is usually true that they have freely chosen to attend your class, something that cannot always be said when teaching young learners. To address this difference, this course looks at educational theories, teaching methodologies and specific activities that can be drawn upon to keep your students interested and motivated in the classroom.


CTEYL Target Group
This course is designed for those who are already TEFL/TESOL or equivalent certified.
The course is designed for teachers who are currently working or intend to work within the field of teaching English to young learners.
No previous experience or training in young learners’ education is required to complete this course.

CTEYL Course Units
Unit 1: Course Introduction
Unit 2: Teaching and Learning
Unit 3: Course Development
Unit 4: Materials
Unit 5: Teaching Themes
Unit 6: Professional Development

This course is designed in the same way as our standard 60-hour and 120-hour TEFL certification courses. Once you feel you have fully absorbed the material for each unit, your understanding of its contents will be evaluated before moving on to the following unit.

You will be given up to six months to complete all aspects of the course, and within this maximum time frame you will be free to work at whatever pace you prefer. Upon successful completion of all the units, we will send you your online Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners.


CTEYL Course Aims
Upon successful completion of the Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners, graduates should be able to:

Use industry standard terminology to discuss and evaluate the process of teaching English to young learners.
Develop a course syllabus that targets the specific needs of their own students.
Create effective lesson plans with clear ideas on how to deliver them to different student groups in an engaging manner.
Choose resources and create materials that are suitable for young learners.
Design assessment strategies for use before, during and after a course.
Fully understand the role of an English teacher in a variety of teaching situations and classroom environments that are specific to young learners.
Use their understanding of the industry to identify and follow up on opportunities for career development.




CTBE Certificate of Teaching Business English
Target Group
This course is designed for ESL teachers who wish to be able to teach business English courses.
It is highly recommended that CTBE students will have completed some form of TEFL certificate training prior to starting this specialist TEFL business English course.
Participants are not required to have had any formal business training.



On completion of the course participants should be able to:
Discuss using standard industry terminology the role of Business English teaching.
Have an understanding of the general role of a Business English teacher in a variety of settings.
Create a teaching syllabus based on evidential assessment of clients needs.
Have realistic ideas for individual lessons and how to deliver them to a range of target groups.
Be aware of how to find or create material for their teaching.
Be able to create and apply assessment procedures pre-course, on-course and post course.
Be aware of professional development opportunities.



The course has five units which aim to cover as many practical and theoretical aspects as possible within the time frame.
In the first unit we look at the roles of both the teacher/facilitator and the learner/client.
It covers how your clients are likely to be organized for teaching and the types of skills they will want and need from your teaching.
The second unit takes you from first meetings with your client, through the process of level testing, needs analysis and syllabus design.
It then gives methods and ideas for evaluating your clients pre-course, on course and post course, finally looking at how to structure an evaluation for your employer.
The third unit covers the materials available for teaching Business English, including where to find them, or how to create them and how to organize them into formal lesson plans and ideas for delivery.
The fourth unit looks at teaching themes around which you can construct your syllabus and teaching ideas, such as case studies, frame working, games and computer-assisted language learning.
The final unit looks at the Business English teaching world and aims to give practical help and advice on how to seek and apply for employment, some general rules for keeping that employment and many of the professional bodies you can join.



To enroll in this course you need to have fluent English, a good academic background, usually graduate status, strong study skills and a willingness to learn. You do not require any previous teaching experience as the course covers in detail teaching theory and methodology.


-Comprehensive course materials. As the materials are all delivered online you can work from home, your local library, a coffee shop, a park or whatever environment feels right. You can even download the course materials on to your computer and work offline.
-Comprehensive ‘back to basics’ grammar guide
-Full support and guidance from our teacher trainers
-EL ROI Certificate in TEFL/TESOL, accredited by IOTEFL
-IOTEFL Certificate in TESOL
-A personal reference for any jobs you apply for in the future

There are no set start dates for this course, when you are ready to begin you will be issued with login details and assigned a course tutor. If you like, you could start the course within 2 days from today. Once you have been issued log in details you can then begin working through the modules at your own pace.
There are approximately 120 hours worth of work in the course and most people complete the course in 4 to 8 weeks, however if you require more time that will not be a problem. If you can commit 4 hours a day to the course you can have it completed in a month.


Note: contact us before payment to check classroom classes. If we don't have an office in your area, you will get full tutor support online.


Additional Payment

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Certificate hard copy (20 eur + shipping)

IOTEFL (Accreditation Board) Additional Certificate (30 eur - not obligated)

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