A Guide to Teaching English Online

Benefits of Teaching English Online

The growth of possibilities in teaching English online is really revolutionary for both teachers and students. With new platforms being constantly developed, it is set to become an integral part of the ESL industry. It is beneficial for students as it provides an opportunity to learn English in an interactive setting with a native speaker, which they may not have access to where they live. Even for those who live in big cities such as Beijing, with numerous English schools and TEFL teachers, working online may simply be more convenient. As a teacher this means increased flexibility in time and location – you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection, so this could mean staying in the UK, living in rural India or constantly moving; and with potential students all over the globe, you can work at times that suit you.


Online TEFL Jobs


Tutor ABC – Tutor ABC is one of the longest running companies offering online EFL lessons. They offer lessons 24 hours a day, and allow you to work to a personalised schedule that suits you. The majority of students are Taiwanese and Chinese and between that ages of 22 and 65, although there are some younger students looking to learn English to help with university applications. They provide support in the form of training and lesson plans appropriate to the age and levels of your students.


Learnship – Learnship is a German based company who have students all over the world. They utilise advanced software for their virtual classroom which has numerous features to enable you to provide dynamic lessons to your students. They allow you to set your own working hours and assign students to you on that basis.


Open English – Open English is the leading online English school in Latin America, with students from all over Latin America, the US Hispanic community and Spain. Teachers run lesson with small groups lasting 45 minutes. You will be provided with the material for each lesson with the focus being on pronunciation, forming correct sentences and discussing topics.


italki – italki is the world’s largest marketplace for online language teachers (it’s not just for English). It provides you with a way to connect with students: you set up a profile, and upload a copy of your TEFL certificate so you can be recognised as a professional teacher, and set your own available hours (don’t need to be at regular times) which students book on to. The lesson structure is completely up to you and your students to design. You set your own prices, so you can start off low if you don’t have much experience, or higher if you have taught before (italki charge 15% of whatever you make).


These are just a few examples of the companies you could and up working for – there are a many others (including a number in our Jobs Centre), so you will be able to find one that suits you and your needs perfectly.


Main modules covering everything that you need to know in order to teach successfully.

The Language Analysis module looks in detail at English grammar and the technical building blocks that are essential knowledge for all English teachers. Not only do you learn how the English language works but what is the best way to teach it to foreign students, what difficulties they go through in the learning process and how to overcome them.

The Lesson Planning module is very practical and gives you the most important skills in language teaching, which are creating and adapting communicative learning material and teaching beginners without using the learners’ native tongue?for translating the vocabulary and the structures. Here we get you to work on creating activities or lesson plans during the week. Its workshop format turns the module into an engaging and creative space where the trainees discover their most creative side.

The ESL Methodologies module focuses on some of the different methodologies and approaches to teaching. We guide you to find an answer to the question “What makes a good teacher?” and to enable you to discover the teacher in you. The TEFL course shows you how to teach complete beginners solely using the target language, English, which means that you can teach English to people all around the world.

The Teaching Skills module contains a lot of the key issues about delivering successful classes and includes sessions on classroom management, error correction, preparing students for exams, level testing, teaching English by conference calls and English for specific purposes, such as English in Law, English in Medicine, Business English, English for young learners, etc. We give you assistance for developing a career as an English teacher with practical tips and advice.

Careers in TEFL


TEFL certificates are often referred to as passports to work!
Having an internationally recognised TEFL certificate means you would be able to find work in almost any country in the world. While salaries and cost of living expenses vary from country to country, a recognised TEFL certificate gives you an option to work in both native speaking and non-native speaking countries.
We regularly employ successful trainees after completion of their courses with us and we offer very competitive rates for newly qualified, motivated (and properly trained!) teachers.
Our course gives you the methodologies and techniques to be able to work in almost any environment.

Course Content


To fully equip our candidates for work in the TEFL sector, we cover all of the following areas during the course:
Introduction to ELT Theory and Practice
Classroom Management
Assessing Learners’ levels.
Teaching Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing
Error Correction
Teaching Vocabulary
Teaching Pronunciation
Language Analysis
Teaching Techniques
Language Games, Activities, Role Play
Current Methodologies
Computer & Internet assisted teaching
TEFL World Wide
Testing and Exams
English for Special Purposes
Teaching Practice Sessions
Classroom Observation
Teaching Young Learners

Possible career progression


International Tour Guide
State Primary & Secondary School Teaching
General English Teacher
Specialised English Teacher
Academic Administration
Assistant Director of Studies
Director of Studies
Academic Management